Billy Bunny

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Billy Bunny, the lovable bedtime companion, uses gentle noises, relaxing lights, and a unique recording feature to help young children drift off into peaceful slumber.

The plush bunny features a customisable recording function for parents to play a personalised message or lullaby to soothe their baby to sleep.

Experience a peaceful night with Billy Bunny's soothing light and calming melodies. The gentle light and motion sensor technology create a tranquil environment for children to fall asleep easily.

This soft plush bunny can provide comfort and reassurance to children, making it the perfect companion for cuddling at any time.

Lovelight Billy Bunny is the perfect sleep aid to create happier bedtimes and sweet dreams.

LoveLight™ Buddies provide sound, touch, and visual elements for calming babies and promoting peaceful sleep. With 4 melodies, 4 white noise options, and a recording function, parents can leave a sweet message or sing their child's favorite lullaby. The toy also has a gentle pulsing light and a Shake & Play motion sensor for easy restarts. Hang the LoveLight™ Buddies - Billy Bunny™ on your baby's bed for a mobile-like experience.

The rechargeable monitor and the plush toy can also be used separately: a nomadic night light that can be placed on the dresser in the room and the comforter that will accompany the child.

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