Dino Friends - Triceratops

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Penelope the Triceratops is a charming, vibrantly-coloured dinosaur that will add joy to any child's day. Crafted from vegan leather, Penelope boasts a tinkling bell that rings gently with every motion. The textured material of her deep red body, the silky smoothness of her pink features, and the crinkly silver crest will pique the interest of young explorers. Penelope and her companions make excellent decorations for a child's bedroom and will remain beloved playmates for years to come. The Dino Friends are each brimming with their own distinct personalities, perfect for imaginative play, discovery, and exciting adventures. Immerse yourself in the world of dinosaurs with Penelope and her friends from the volcanic lands. Adopt them today and collect them all!

25x14 cm

Suitable from birth

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