Horizontal Parenting How to Entertain Your Kid While Lying Down

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Need a break . . .now?

Horizontal Parenting provides 50 entertaining and efficient activities to keep your kids entertained while you relax in a horizontal position. As any busy parent knows, children can be tiring and sometimes you just need a moment to rest and block out the chaos. With Horizontal Parenting, the ultimate parenting solution for anyone and anywhere, you'll discover creative and effective tips for tired parents and caregivers who could use a quick break. This guide offers 50 engaging and comical games to play with young children while lying down.

Activities include:
• What's on My Butt
• Hide and Seek-ish
• Don't Wake the Giant
• Railroad to Relaxation
• And many more!

Experience the perfect balance of rest and play as your child expends their energy while you relax and recharge. All it takes is a comfortable surface, a few items found in your home, and your child's imagination to become a pro at the stress-reducing practice of horizontal parenting.

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