Horrid Henry Smelly Nappy Card Game

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A vivid, visually stimulating card game based on the popular Horrid Henry animated series. It's a fast-paced, fun-filled game suitable for any age group where anyone can become the "Smelly Nappy Baby". Start by dealing cards to each player. Players look for pairs of matching cards and discard them. The youngest player holds their cards face down and offers one card to the next player randomly. If the second player can make a pair with the card, they discard it. Otherwise, they keep it. The first person to get rid of all their cards wins and shouts, "CALL ME LORD HIGH MAJESTY!". The game continues until the last player is left with the "Smelly Nappy Baby" card. All the other players then cry, "Smelly Nappy Baby!"

This vibrant card game is perfect for any Horrid Henry enthusiast, allowing children to play together and build skills. This pastime offers kids quality entertainment, while its small container makes it convenient to take on the go.

This game is for 2 or more players and suitable for ages 3 years and up.


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