Infantino Peek & Seek Sensory Discovery Cube

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Little ones will have a blast with this action-filled discovery cube! This soft play cube provides an interactive, sensory experience as it encourages your baby to explore through sight, sound, and touch. It helps to develop sensory abilities in a fun and enjoyable way. 

Introducing the Infantino Peek & Seek Sensory Discovery Cube, a captivating and interactive play cube that will engage your little one's senses and encourage exploration and discovery. This soft and cuddly cube is packed with exciting features to stimulate your baby's sight, touch, and hearing, making it an ideal toy for sensory development.


The Infantino Peek & Seek Sensory Discovery Cube is an engaging toy, featuring various textures and crinkle flaps to promote tactile exploration. Its bright contrasts and interesting animals stimulate visual and auditory senses, while its clacker rings and interactive design boost cognitive and motor skill development. Plus, its pram attachment makes it a perfect playmate for trips away.



  • Attaches easily to a pram
  • Great for on-the-go
  • Features crinkle flaps and clacker rings
  • Fun animal characters
  • Bright and contrasting colours 

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