Classic LAVA Lamps

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Let your child's room become unmissably stylish with these Classic LAVA Lamps from Schylling.They features the classic glass globe design, and children can observe the white wax as it drifts around in the eye-catching neon-blue liquid.

This 14.5” tall lava lamp is an ideal sensory device to help children relax and be comforted. Its slow-moving forms provide a visible source of de-stressing, and it creates a stunning effect when placed in a bedroom or playroom.

A great gift for children and teenagers, lava lamps have been illuminating kids’ rooms for 60 years. Includes 25 watt lava lamp bulb and a hand-spun base.

LAVA Lamp Classic - product features:

White & Blue - Lava lamp with white wax and blue liquid

Orange & Blue - Lava lamp with orange wax and blue liquid


  • Aluminium cap and hand-spun base
  • 25 watt light bulb included
  • 14.5” tall
  • Dimensions: W 10.16cm x H 45.72cm x L 10.16cm
  • Weight: 1.77 kg
  • Suitable for children from: 14 Years +

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