Primo Metallic & Fluorescent Poster Paint

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High-precision poster paint ready to use, featuring 8 shades: 4 fluorescent and 4 metallic. Ergonomic bottles with flow-control nozzle make it easy to dose for increased accuracy and graphic effects, allowing for materic effects, opaque and overlapping layering. The brushstroke is uniform, with excellent results of brilliance and tone vivacity. The paint works on various surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, wood, fabric, glass, terracotta, metal, and plastic. Not permanent, however fixable with a suitable fixative. Compatible with the Morocolor water-based product range, and stains can be removed with the correct instructions. Creative usage idea: Take coloured or white cardboard, apply one colour after the other without mixing, then "pull the paint" with a pointed object to get fantastic and surprising effects.


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