The Day I Fell Down the Toilet

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A hysterical, action-packed, fully illustrated journey crafted by well-loved thespian Stephen Mangan and talented artist Anita Mangan, Celebrity Goggleboxers & creators of Top 10 Fiction Bestsellers Escape the Rooms, The Fart That Changed the World, and The Great Reindeer Rescue.

Oh no! Disaster has struck in the land of Dunny, the birthplace of jokes, as the Queen has lost her sense of humor and outlawed all forms of fun. With one final chance to make her laugh, her subjects enlist the help of the only hero who can save them - Timothy Trench: a clever, unflappable child prodigy...well, almost. Thanks to a case of mistaken identity, the wrong Timothy - a boy who can't seem to make up his mind - is brought in to do the job. Will he be able to figure out what will make the Queen laugh and save the day? This wildly creative and brilliantly absurd adventure is full of


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