Wooden Microscope

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Discover the natural world with this vibrant kids Microscope! Features a magnification lens, kaleidoscope lens, and rose-tinted lens, as well as 14 play pieces including wooden disks showcasing bugs and plants for hands-on exploration. Perfect for curious youngsters to role play scientific discoveries.


Expertly crafted to promote imaginative thinking, our wooden microscope empowers children to learn important life lessons. Through imaginative play, kids can enhance their vocabulary, communication, and social abilities.

Crafted from FSC® Certified wood and coated with non-toxic paints and lacquers, our Microscope adheres to current European safety standards. With measurements of 18.7cm H x 15.3cm W x 9cm D, it is suitable for children ages 3 and up.

Microscope - product features:

  • Wooden microscope for kids
  • 3 lenses (magnification, kaleidoscope & rose tinted)
  • 10 wooden disks featuring insects & plants
  • Made from FSC® Certified wood
  • 18.7cm H x 15.3cm W x 9cm D
  • For 3+ years

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