The Importance of Bath Time Play children babies
From bath time to bedtime, parents engage in various rituals with their kids, creating special connections. These small gestures offer comfort and quality family time. Yet, some parents underestimate the true power of these everyday interactions.

A recent report found that 84% of parents see bath time as quality bonding time with their child. Surprisingly, many underestimate its benefits. Over half don't realise the importance for brain development. However, science shows bath time's sensory experiences are crucial for a baby's well-being.

Bath time is more than cleansing; it’s a ritual that allows parents to unlock the full power of baby’s senses with opportunities to use smell, touch, sight and sound. Make bath time mean more with these fun ideas:

  • Playing with bubbles can help babies master hand-eye coordination and uncover hidden objects!
  • Sing and play tunes, activating memory zones in the brain. Music can even spark visual imagery in the brain!
  • Connect scent to joyful memories, scents such as those from a fancy bath treat, can forge lasting memories for baby when mixed with a parent's tender care.

After the bath, it's massage time! Babies who get a loving touch are more likely to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Skin-on-skin contact during massage boosts brainpower and keeps little ones sharp!

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