We've now closed Marshmallow ice-cream parlour but we're still selling ice-cream, ice-lollies, drinks and sweets. Our new ice-cream is Mini Melts and we think you're going to love them! They're little balls of ice-cream kept at -30 which melt with your natural body temperature on your tongue, with the most delicious flavour!! 

- Made by cryogenic technology at -197 ° C
- Made with natural raw materials – milk, butter, cacao and natural fruit juice
- Contains at least 50-75% milk and sweet cream butter
- Fully Vegan Flavours - Lemon-Lime and Mango
- Does not contain any artificial preservatives, colours or genetically modified substances


Regular Pot
Large Pot £3.45

Mini Bag of Toppings -  40p each or 3 for 1
Choose from:
Pic & Mix 
Crushed Smarties

For Ingredients and Allergens Info - Click here




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