Get the Kids Gardening

Gardening can be a cost-effective and beneficial activity for children to engage in, whether at home or at school. Studies have shown that involving children in gardening can positively impact their academic performance, as well as their interest in nutritious food through the experience of growing their own produce. In fact, gardening has been proven to be a cost-effective and beneficial activity for children, both at home and in educational settings. By engaging in gardening, children can learn valuable skills and develop a deeper appreciation for healthy, homegrown food.

Introduce children to the world of gardening by showcasing a variety of colourful flowers, fragrant plants, and interactive activities that explore different leaf types and showcase delicious, fast-growing, edible options. Nurture a love for this healthy, lifelong hobby.  By fostering an appreciation for this healthy hobby, it encourages a lifelong love for nature and self-sustainability.

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