Picasso 33 Piece Magnetic Tiles

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This 33 Piece Magnetic Tile set provides diverse, stimulating play possibilities for kids. Allow their imaginations to take off as they form 3D castles, towers, and other structures with the strong magnets and vibrant colors. With Picasso Tiles, there are no limits - to create the perfect masterpiece, simply add more pieces. Developing kids' creativity and learning essential skills like color recognition, geometry, counting, magnetic polarity and architectural design has never been easier or more fun. Entertain single or multiple parties, or bond with family and friends during quality playtime. A perfect educational gift that will keep them engaged and entertained for hours! Includes: 1 x Large Square, 4 x Small Square, 4 x Isosceles Triangle, 4 x Right Triangle, 4 x Equilateral Triangle, 4 x Letter N Shape, 4 x Letter I Shape, 4 x Letter X Shape and 4 x Diamond Shape.


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