Children's Quick & Easy Cookbook: Over 60 Simple Recipes

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Introduce your young chefs to the wonderful world of cooking with over 60 simple and delicious recipes, perfect for beginning their culinary journey.

Become a culinary expert in your own kitchen with this introductory cookbook perfect for young chefs. With a variety of over 60 recipes, every occasion is covered- from quick snacks to main meals and indulgent desserts.

This cookbook is designed for children ages 5-7 and is filled with an array of simple yet diverse recipes. It encourages young cooks to explore new dishes, develop new skills, and create delicious meals that everyone in the family will enjoy. The cookbook also includes more complex recipes as well as tips for modifying them to suit different preferences and dietary needs. From hearty sandwiches and refreshing smoothies to flavorful curry and indulgent cheesecake, each recipe features a detailed photo guide that outlines every step of the process.
Put on your apron and get cooking, with:

- Recipe choices perfect for beginners, while the variety of meals and different variations inspire young chefs who already have some experience in the kitchen.
- Recipes that are easy to follow and require simple ingredients.
- Visual step-by-steps that help young children know exactly what the meal should like at different stages of the cooking process, making this a perfect introduction for children new to the kitchen.
- A global approach with meals from multiple countries, with vegetarian and vegan diets, and more than 60 recipes to try.

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