Pebble Fair Trade Hand Knitted Astronaut Rattle

Sale price£12.99


Introducing our super-friendly, ethically-made astronaut rattle from Pebble! His white and blue striped space-suit will have your kiddo dreaming about interstellar adventures. Hand-knitted with a soft cotton yarn, this squishable doll is the perfect pal for all aspiring astro-explorers. Plus, we've even got an astronaut doll for big kids! Baby playtime isn't just about the toys—it's a back-and-forth dialogue of fun! By 3-4 months, your little one will start grabbing at things, and Pebble's rattle is designed to keep their attention—from its grabbable shape to its touchy-feely texture to its satisfying rattle sound. Plus, it's machine-washable and suitable from birth. Approx. 20cm tall and 16cm wide; sizes may vary. A stellar addition to any family's ethical toy collection.

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