BigJigs Flying Scotsman Battery Operated Engine

Sale price£17.99


  • 3.5cm L x 4.5cm H x 13cm W


    For a cool £7,944 (that's over £491,000 today!), the world-famous Flying Scotsman locomotive rolled out of Doncaster in 1923... and now it's rolling into homes! Our amazing battery-operated version of this trailblazer of the rails comes with its iconic Apple Green finish, and will steam along wooden tracks with ease—just hit the button and slide that chugging engine along! Add in some carriages for the full express effect, or go solo on the express track—magnetic couplings will keep the Flying Scotsman attached to any other Bigjigs and most major wooden railway brands. All backed by the Bigjigs' promise of quality—not to mention the ability to travel the world at 100mph—you could even say this engine is the bee's knees! Requires 2x AAA batteries (not included).

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