King Charles III's Colourful Coronation

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This fun story captures the excitement of the Royal Coronation, woven together with the King's grandeur that your children will just love. So celebrate coronation day with King Charles III's Colourful Coronation, a funny picture book perfect for little ones enjoying this special day. Crowds of people cheered, "HOORAY! King Charles the Third is on his way!"King Charles is on his way to Westminster Abbey to be crowned. He meets the colourfully dressed people one by one, from beefeaters in blue to a very yellow lollipop man.

But before long, he realises he's very, very late! Will he make it to the Abbey in time?Share this jolly rhyming story, with famous London sites to spot and soft learning about colours woven throughout. Then turn to the special fold-out page at the end to learn more about the coronation ceremony!


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