Lief the Sea Dragon Squishmallow 7.5in

Sale price£9.99


Meet Leif, the vibrant seadragon! This sea creature is adorned with a luscious body of lilac and magenta segments, and boasts flowy, magenta appendages on its sides. Its lilac appendages by the back of its head complement its long, curled tail perfectly. And don't miss the striking orange marking on top of its head, flowing down its back, while its snout is rimmed with a touch of lilac and its eyes are alluringly dark.

Meet Squishmallows, the perfect mix of cozy comfort and silly fun! Use them as a couch cuddle buddy, snuggly pillow, sleepy sidekick, on-the-go travel companion, or a trusty friend during tough times. And don't forget, each Squishmallow has their own quirky bio, adding an extra touch of specialness! Crafted from a marshmallow-like fabric and polyester fibers, these lovable creatures are even machine washable.


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