Marcus Rashford Heroes

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Throughout life, it is possible to encounter individuals who will have a lasting impact and motivate one to become their most successful self.

From the #1 bestselling authors of You Are a Champion and You Can Do It, Marcus Rashford and Carl Anka, comes Heroes: How to Turn Inspiration into Action!

Marcus Rashford, a renowned England International football player, has been on a personal mission to combat child food poverty. He acknowledges that he could not have embarked on this journey alone, and pays tribute to ten exceptional individuals in Heroes who have propelled him to create impactful change.

Marcus Rashford Heroes gives readers insight into the lives of ten individuals from around the globe who have made an impact on Marcus's life, and demonstrates how their stories can inspire others to reach their highest potential and make a positive mark on the world. Each profile features practical advice and strategies that readers can use to make their own unique contributions.

- Sir Alex Ferguson
- Beyoncé
- Muhammad Ali
- Serena Williams

And more!

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