My Bum is on the Run Book 5

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A brilliantly funny picture book from the hilarious duo behind the phenomenal I Need A New Bum! series

Today is race day! I'm here at the start.

I so want to win - I have hope in my heart.

I'm ready...

I'm steady...

And off I go!


The hero of the New Bum! series is back and he needs to run fast but his bum is slowing him down! Will some balloonshelp? Or maybe a rocket bum BLAST?

Find out in seriously silly story with hilarious illustrations


  • I Need a New Bum (paperback, board book)
  • I've Broken My Bum! (paperback)
  • My Bum Is So Noisy (paperback)
  • My Bum Is So Cheeky! (paperback)
  • My Bum is SO NOISY! (paperback)
  • My Bum is SO NOISY! (sound book)
  • My Bum is SO CHRISTMASSY! (paperback)
  • My Bum's on the Run! (paperback)

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