Orchard Toys Doggy Doggy Woof Woof Game

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This game is known as Doggy Doggy Woof Woof! It features double-sided boards and offers two different ways to play, making it a dynamic dog-themed matching and memory game.


In the first game, players aim to successfully match dog heads to bodies and complete three dogs on their kennel board. After each successful match, players must shout "Doggy Doggy Woof Woof" and be on the lookout for the waggy tail card. When found, the player must stand up, wag their tail, and yell "Waggy Waggy Woof Woof" before passing play to the next player.

In this game, players take turns picking cards from the pile of dog heads and bodies, trying to match them with any of their face up cards on the table. The goal is to collect as many complete, matching dogs as possible. With 13 different cute pups to complete, this game will surely excite children!

This game is designed to entertain players of all ages and is perfect for family game night or a fun activity with friends. Get ready to tap into your canine instincts and enjoy a fun and engaging experience!

Assist in pairing the friendly canines and imitate wagging your tail in this comical matching game.
  • Pair doggy heads and bodies in this hilarious card game
  • 2 ways to play! For younger players complete dogs on your kennel board, for older players try to collect as many complete, matching dogs as possible!
  • Chunky, wipe-clean cards are ideal for little hands
  • Perfect birthday gift for children aged 2-6

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