Picasso 8pc Magnet Building Blocks Animals Figures

Sale price£16.99


Discover a world of imagination and exploration with these magnetic animal Figures. Compatible with magnetic structural builds, this set is perfect for ages 3+ and offers STEAM educational learning through play. Create your own adventure with magnetised action figures and accessories.

Unleash boundless creativity with this 8pc Farm Animal magnetized playset showcasing 8 fascinating Barnyard Critters - Cat, Frog, Parrot, Duck, Rabbit, Dog, Cow, and a Unicorn. This is an ideal addition to your existing magnet building block collection, allowing you to construct a wildlife adventure realm and invent limitless tales using only your imagination.

This magnetic building set effortlessly merges with other magnet tile toy brands, enabling your child to broaden their array of STEAM toys and nurture their imaginative skills. Please note that structural tiles are not included.

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