PicassoTiles Stadium Race Track with 2 Trucks

Sale price£39.99


This race track set contains 64 elements, such as 44 magnetic tile blocks displaying printed stadium seating, 2 trucks, and 18 street accessories with stickers.

The magnet tracks made of translucent material provide a visually engaging aspect, and the magnetic edges make assembly easier. Furthermore, the stadium seating tiles are compatible with all full-sized race track toys by PicassoTiles, allowing for more dynamic and imaginative play possibilities. Unleash your creativity with this versatile toy.

This track set offers not only enjoyment, but also fosters crucial cognitive skills like problem-solving, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor abilities. Plus, children will gain knowledge of velocity and engineering principles, including gravity, momentum, and cause-and-effect. It's an ideal STEAM construction toy and imaginative play set for school-aged kids that will remain timeless.

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