The Cook and the King

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A deliciously funny cooking adventure from the stellar picture-book partnership of Julia Donaldson and David Roberts.

There once was a very hungry king

Who needed a cook like anything . . .

. . . but the king is very fussy; he tries all the cooks in the kingdom, but no one is good enough. Then he spots Wobbly Bob. Maybe Bob can whip up his favourite dinner? But how will Bob be able to cook for the king when he’s scared of . . . well, everything?!

Uncover the tale of how a famished ruler aids Wobbly Bob in confronting his anxieties on a culinary voyage through the vast expanse of land and sea. The Cook and the King stands as a supremely witty tale brought to life by the acclaimed duo of Julia Donaldson and David Roberts, creators of the beloved Tyrannosaurus Drip. With playful rhythmic prose and intricately vibrant illustrations, this is destined to be a cherished classic for both young and old.

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