Twm Siôn Bolgi - Welsh Edition of The Highway Rat

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''Give your buns and biscuits to me! Surrender your chocolate éclairs! For I am the Rat of the highway, and the Rat thief keeps all his finds! Take care on the highway – the Rat scurries about, pilfering your snacks ... and possibly even your affection! Welsh readers can now enjoy The Highway Rat adapted to their language.'

Rho dy ddwylo i fyny! I fyny! Dim lol! Rhaid imi gael rhywbeth i lenwi fy mol! Twm Siôn Bolgi 'di lleidr y pen ffordd, fo 'di pen lleidr y llwyn! Mae'n lladrata pob peth mae'n ffansïo ... ac yn bwyta pob peth mae'n ei ddwyn! Addasiad Cymraeg o The Highway Rat.

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