Weaning: What to Feed, When to Feed, and How to Feed Your Baby

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Wean your baby with confidence and safety using guidance from renowned baby and child nutrition expert, Annabel Karmel. Get comprehensive advice on when and how to start weaning, the ideal first foods to introduce, safe food preparation methods, and effective spoon-feeding techniques for purees and solid foods. Stay informed on key nutrients for your baby, prevent allergies and intolerances, and learn how to combine foods for optimal flavor and texture development in your little one's diet.

This comprehensive guide offers over 60 adaptable weaning recipes for babies from six months to 12 months and beyond, complete with nutritionally balanced menu plans. Each recipe includes options for common allergies and intolerances, as well as suggestions for ingredient substitutions to introduce new flavors to your baby's developing palate. Expert advice, support, and problem-solving techniques from Annabel provide a solid foundation for a lifelong enjoyment of nutritious eating.

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