What the Ladybird Heard: A Push, Pull and Slide Board Book

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Engage with the interactive moving mechanisms, pushing, pulling and sliding them to accompany the ladybird and the other creatures on the farm, in the brilliant board book adaptation of the best-selling picture book, What the Ladybird Heard.

The clever little ladybird must devise a plan to foil Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh's nefarious scheme to capture the prize cow. Assisting her are the other animals, and readers can join the adventure by moving the push, pull, and slide mechanisms on each page, bringing the tale to life.

With a short, simple rhyming text based on the original story, What the Ladybird Heard: A Push, Pull and Slide Book is the perfect introduction for preschoolers to the What the Ladybird Heard series by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks, and a great gift for little fans of the bestselling picture book.

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