Melia White Gladiator Sandals

Size: UK 4.5 EU 21
Sale price£12.99



The Melia Baby Shoe White Gladiator Sandals provide the perfect support for your baby as they begin to explore their environment. Constructed from lightweight material and designed with a secure fit, the shoes enable a confident first step. Let the adventure begin with a secure fit for all day comfort. Boxed Shoes by Melia Baby Shoe - Man made, soft soles.



size EU 20 infant 4 (13.4 cm L)

size EU 21 infant 4.5  (14.2 cm L)

size EU22 infant 5 (15 cm L)

size EU23 infant 6 (15.8 cm L)

size EU24 infant 7 (16.8 cm L)

size EU25 infant 8 (17.6 cm L)


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